True Colors アテンダント募集中! Call for True Colors Attendant


English version is below.

True Colors Festival 超ダイバーシティ芸術祭では、誰もが楽しめる場づくりを目指します。2020年7月のTrue Colors CONCERTまでの1年間、アクセシビリティを高める環境をつくるお手伝いをしてくださる方の参加をお待ちしています!


抽選結果は9月18日 (水) までに応募者全員にお知らせします。

●True Colors アテンダントの歩み

★step1. 知る———→視野が広がる

  • 「ダイバーシティ」や「多様性」の現状を理解する
  • それぞれの個性、悩み、困っていることに耳を傾ける





True Colors BEATS -Uncountable Beats Festival

★step2. 実践する———→行動力がつく

  • 多様な人たちの中の1人である自分に何が出来る事を考える
  • 自分ができることを実践して、プログラムに参加して交流する
  • 実践の経験から学び、自らの考えを深め続ける



★step3. スキルを磨く———→リーダーになる

  • スキルを磨きTrue Colorsコンサートでアテンダントのリーダーとして活躍
  • 多様な視点を生かし、学んだことを周りの人に伝える


  • 接客、通訳、介助者、保育者等の経験の幅を広げたい人
  • パフォーミングアーツの最前線をより深く知りたい人
  • 「超ダイバーシティ」に関心をもつ仲間をつくりたい人
  • ダイバーシティを実践している先駆者と出会いたい人
  • True Colors Festival を盛り上げたい人


  • True Colors Festival のコンセプトに興味がある方
  • 18歳以上
  • True Colors Festival 開催期間、活動に積極的に参加できる方
  • 日本語の会話能力を有する方(国籍不問、外国語ができる方も歓迎)
  • メールでのやり取りができる方


  • 各種研修を実施 ※検定取得予定(費用は事務局負担)
  • True Colors Festival の一部プログラムへご招待
  • 活動日・研修日、1⽇あたり1,000円 (交通費、⾷費補助として) を支給
  • オリジナルグッズ (Tシャツを予定) プレゼント
  • ボランティア保険加入(費用は事務局負担)




Q 特別なスキルやボランティア等の経験がなくても、大丈夫でしょうか?
A 未経験の方も大歓迎です。研修も実施いたしますのでご安心ください。

Q .研修に費用は発生しますか?
A 研修実施にかかる費用(受講料)、保険料はTrue Colors事務局が負担いたします。待遇の詳細は、募集概要の「待遇」を御覧ください。

Q 説明会を聞いてから、辞退してもよいですか?
A 参加をご辞退される場合は説明会後にお申し出ください。

Q 2020年7月までの間に、活動できない期間があっても、大丈夫でしょうか?
A 活動できない期間がある場合もご応募いただけます。True Colors アテンダントの年間スケジュールを参考に、活動できない日程・期間を応募時にお知らせください。

Q .2020年7月まで活動が継続できるかわからなくても、大丈夫でしょうか?
A 継続できるか不確定な場合もご応募いただけます。継続ができない可能性がある旨、および継続可否を判断する時期を応募時にお知らせください。

お問い合わせ MAIL:attendant@truecolors2020.jp



Call for True Colors Attendant

The True Colors Festival will create events that are enjoyable to everyone regardless of one’s ability. We are looking for people to help us build accessible environments leading up to the True Colors CONCERT in July 2020. After taking part in specialized lectures and practical training sessions, you will be expected to join the production of events and eventually take a leadership role within the attendant staff at the final concert.

Application Deadline
September 13, 2019
In case of too many applicants, we will make a selection and notify everyone by September 18.

●Becoming a True Colors Attendant

Step1: Learn! – Broadening your perspective

  • Understanding the current state of “diversity.”
  • Learning how to listen to personal issues and difficulties.

September 21, 2019 Time: 13:00〜15:00
Information Session & Official Registration
Location: The Nippon Foundation Building 2nd Floor Meeting Room

September 28, 2019 Time: 13:30〜15:30
Attending people with disabilities and elders workshop
Location: The Nippon Foundation Building 2nd Floor Meeting Room

October 5, 2019 Time: 13:00〜15:00
Non-verbal communication for festival attendants workshop
Location: Loftwork 10th Floor

October 12, 2019 Time: 13:00〜16:00
Briefing session for festival program
Location: Loftwork 10th Floor

October 22, 2019 (Tuesday / National Holiday) Time: TBA
Debut as festival attendant at Uncountable Beats Festival
Location: Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage

Step2: Do! – Gaining experience through taking action

  • Think about how you can contribute in a diverse group.
  • Taking action and interact through participating in programs.
  • Reflect on your experience.

October – December 2019
Planning for activities between January to June 2020

January to June 2020
Participate in festival production and events.

Step 3 Excel! – Becoming a leader.

  • Hone your skills and become a leader at True Colors Concert.
  • Pass on to others what you have learned and share your perspective.

July 18-19 2020 (TBC)
Participate at the True Colors Concert at Ariake Hall (TBC) as a certified attendant!

We look forward to applicants who want to:

  • Use their skills and experiences in services, translation, support, and caregiving to expand into new areas.
  • Want to learn more about the cutting edge in performing arts programs.
  • Are interested in diversity and want to meet other like-minded people.
  • Want to meet with pioneers in the field of diversity.
  • Want to be part of the True Colors Festival.

●Applicant requirements

  • Interested in the concept and goals of the True Colors Festival.
  • Over 18 years old.
  • Can actively participate in programs of the True Colors Festival.
  • Can communicate in Japanese (Nationality can be of any and we welcome people that can speak additional languages).
  • Can be reached by Email.


  • Participation in training sessions and certification without charge of fee (Festival Operating Office will cover these costs).
  • Invitation to some programs of the True Colors Festival.

    *You will not be able attend programs as an audience member that you are assigned to as an attendant.
    Per diem will not be provided for the Information Session & Official Registration on September 22.

  • Per diem of 1,000 yen to cover travel and food costs on the day of working. *No meals will be provided.
  • Original festival T-shirt (TBC).
  • Enrollment in volunteer insurance (Festival Operating Office will cover costs).

Please apply through the form below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I take part even if I don’t have prior volunteer experience or notable skillsets?
A Yes you can. There will be training sessions and we welcome first-timers.

Q Will I have to pay a fee for the training sessions?
A The festival operating office will cover the fees for the training sessions and for related insurance costs. For details about what will be compensated, please refer to the “compensation” section in the application form.

Q Can I decide whether I want to participate or not after the information session?
A The official registration will take place after the information session. If you decide to withdraw please let us know then.

Q There are periods that I cannot participate between now and July 2020.
A Even if you cannot attend all programs you can still participate. Please look at the “Training Session Schedule” in the application form and let us know which period you cannot take part in when you apply.

Q I am not sure if I can continue all the activities up to July 2020.
A You can still apply even if you are not sure of your future schedule. Please let us know when you apply if you foresee a situation or moment where you will have to decide on continuing the program or not.

If you have questions regarding requirements or are unsure about anything don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email: attendant@truecolors2020.jp

Presented by The Nippon Foundation
Co-Organized by The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS