Security policy

This site implements the following measures for security to protect personal information of users.

1. About SSL

This site introduces SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology on the page for entering personal information so that users can enter it with peace of mind. In SSL, the entered data is encrypted on your computer and then flows through the network to the registration destination computer.

Note: SSL is a technology that prevents theft or alteration of data by a third party by performing encryption and authentication in the communication between the browser and the WWW server.

2. Use of cookies

Cookies are data sent and received between your computer’s browser and server so that you can view the site more conveniently when you visit the site again. Cookies are stored in the user’s browser and may be referenced from the server, but the files sent as cookies from our website do not contain personally identifiable information, It does not infringe and does not adversely affect the user’s computer. This site may use cookies to save users from entering IDs and passwords every time, and may collect history information of visited pages. You may refuse to receive cookies, but in this case, you may not be able to use the services provided by this site.

3. About access log

In this site, when a user accesses this site, the information may be accumulated as an access log on the Web server of this site. The access log includes the domain name of the accessed user, the type of browser used, the access date and time, etc., but does not include information that can identify individuals.

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