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A True Colors Digital Event

Sep 26

We’re battling stereotypes, challenging the status quo and shifting perspectives about hip-hop.

"This is Hip-Hop!" is an online panel discussion featuring an international line-up of hip-hop innovators who have influenced and intrigued audiences all over the world.

They’ve breakdanced and rapped with different abilities, brought hip-hop into the theater, overcome introversion with rhymes, helped Deaf people “hear” music and spread their message around the world.

Hear from them at the "This is Hip-Hop!" panel discussion where they’ll share their personal, positive and powerful hip-hop experiences.

Also in the line-up: 20 dancers from four cities freestyling to a beat produced by our panelist, Wheelsmith.

This is Hip-Hop! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

A True Colors Digital Event

26 September 2020

Time: 10pm JST / 2pm BST / 9am EST / 6am PST

  • International Sign translation and Japanese Sign Language translation available

  • Japanese simultaneous interpretation available

  • English and Japanese subtitles available

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  • Jonzi D Photo

    Jonzi D (UK)

    Jonzi D is an MC, dancer, spoken word artist, director and advocate for hip-hop who has changed the profile and influenced the development of British hip-hop dance and theater over the last two decades. He is a strong advocate for the power of hip-hop to give voice to young people, especially those in marginalized communities. He also seeks to celebrate the spirit of peace and resolution and acceptance that is at the core of hip-hop. Jonzi D is a Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist and co-founder and Artistic Director of Breakin’ Convention, the world’s largest festival of hip-hop dance.


  • Amber Galloway Gallego Photo

    Amber Galloway Gallego (USA)

    Fuelled by an early desire to be a rap artist, Austin-based Amber is today one of the most recognizable sign language interpreters in the USA. She specializes in interpreting concerts and music festivals – especially rap and hip-hop – into American Sign Language (ASL). Often praised for her ability to show the connection between lyrics and sounds, Amber’s whole-body interpretations capture the range of emotions evoked by music. Deaf audiences have said they could connect to music performances more than ever, while hearing audiences have been delighted and inspired to learn sign language. Amber has signed onstage for major artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Twista.


  • Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli Photo

    Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli (CA)

    Luca was introduced to breakdancing at the age of 15. It was the music, the culture and the challenging movements that appealed to him. Using his upper body strength and crutches as extensions of his arms, Bboy “Lazylegz” was born. Luca’s love for breaking boundaries led him to founding ILL-ABILITIES™, a world renowned  international dance crew comprised of differently-abled dancers who perform and share their stories through motivational entertainment programs worldwide. He also co-founded Projet RAD, Canada’s first inclusive urban dance program offering people of all ages, all abilities the possibility to participate in accessible dance studios. Most recently, Luca performed in the “Stand By Me” music video produced by True Colors Festival.


  • Saykoji Photo

    Saykoji (ID)

    Saykoji is a rapper and filmmaker from Indonesia who shot to fame in 2004 with his single “So What Gitu Loh” taken off his debut album. Since then, he has dropped five more albums and numerous singles, including the 2020 release titled “Bayar Tuntas Rindu (ft. REGUNADA)”. Saykoji, who wasn’t originally a fan of rap, grew to appreciate the genre while listening to Indonesian rap artists like Black Skin, Iwa K and Neo. A self-described “loner”, Saykoji’s stage name is adapted from the word “Psycho”, a cruel nickname he was given by schoolmates, alluding to his introverted nature as a child. Saykoji, the English-Indonesian pidgin spelling of “Psycho G”, sees him rewriting his painful past with a sense of humor, excellence at his craft and great success.


  • Wheelsmith Photo

    Wheelsmith (SG)

    Wheelsmith is an accomplished rapper, beatboxer, songwriter and producer. He found in rap and beatboxing a way to tell his story and express his creativity. Wheelsmith performed in the 2018 True Colors Concert which featured performing artists from more than 20 countries, and at the 2019 National Day Parade in Singapore. Most recently, he appeared in the “Stand By Me” music video produced by True Colors Festival. His latest original single, “Vanilla”, has been streamed 40,000 times on Spotify.


  • Sparsh Shah Photo

    Sparsh Shah (USA)

    Sparsh, also known as “PURHYTHM”, is a singer, songwriter, rapper and motivational speaker. Trained in classical Indian singing, Sparsh developed ‘raga rap’, a hybrid genre which allows him to celebrate his own cultural heritage while paying due homage to hip-hop. He has performed at over 150 events and became an internet sensation with his cover of Eminem’s Not Afraid, garnering a total of 75 million views across social media sites. Most recently, he performed in the “Stand By Me” music video produced by True Colors Festival.


  • tamura king


    Tamura King is a creative crew comprising the Tamura siblings who hail from a sea town in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The trio are eldest brother NASA, a creative director, elder sister Namichie, a rapper and costume creator, and youngest sister Mana, a dancer.
    They burst into the scene recently and already, the world can’t help but pay attention to their dope, ill-defined sounds and witty punchlines.


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Indonesia Arif Setyo Budi, Cynthia Arnella, Icha Fajarin, Muhd Alfian Suhendy
Japan TOMOYA, NAGA, Daiki Nishimura, Yuto Shimura, Yuhi Shimura
Singapore Joel Chong, Jonas Yeo, BANGXY, Tejas Hirah, Ammar “Ameezy”, AMANZ0, Chelsea Monteiro
UK Rudy T, Triston, Cori D, Kofi Mingo

Accessibility Team

International Sign Translation Cesar Torres
Japanese Sign Language Translation Makoto Takei, Naoki Okada
Live captioning English Nurza Taib, Rafizah Supri & Habriyah Nasir
Live Captioning Japanese NHK-Global Media Services, Inc.

Creative Team

Producer Remesh Panicker, Big Brown Voice
Technical Director Georgina Tan, Rhodium
Title Sequence & Video Direction Moving Bits
Beats for Dance Segment Wheelsmith
Executive Producer Audrey Perera


Organized by True Colors Festival
Presented by The Nippon Foundation
The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS
Supported by Canadian High Commission Singapore
US Embassy Singapore
British Council Singapore
Media Partner NME logotype
NME Asia


Music made by collaborative work

Guitarist, turntablist, composer, film score composer, record producer / True Colors BEATS performer

Otomo Yoshihide

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