True Colors ACADEMY

True Colors ACADEMY Volume 1: “How To Use The Body”

Nov 12

How do you encounter with the world?

My world is not complete without others.

To see what was unseen.
To verbalize what was unspoken.
To sense what was unnoticed.
To transform and nurture.
Between you and me, me and society.

At True Colors ACADEMY, we will focus on social issues and often negelcted “discomforts” in daily lives through engaging with diverse people and their stories.

We advocate for a society where individuals can coexist with their differences through our LECTURE Series – a series of stimulating lectures and workshop open to the public, and the STUDIO Program – a program that explores new social relationships through dialogue and practice by members selected from an open call.

True Colors ACADEMY Volume 1: “How To Use The Body”

Tuesday, November 12, 2019



Lecture Series (Open to public)

Through inviting guests active in their respected fields and organizing workshops and panels that crossover practices in unconventional ways, we will question unspoken rules and conventions that are embodied within us. These unique events will be filled with stimulating discoveries and experiences. Four sessions are planned to take place.

Volume 1: “How To Use The Body” #identity, #body, #other

Volume 2: “Waah!” #selfrelease, #repression, #sex, #transformation

Volume 3: “Trends You Didn’t Know About / Disco Party” #migrants, #culture, #minority, “nationality

Volume 4: “Love, Words, and Relationships” #family, #love, #affection #relationships

* This is a tentative plan as of September 2019 and maybe subject to change.

Schedule: Four sessions taking place between November 2019 to April 2020
Format: Workshops and lectures with invited guests
Location: Shibuya Scramble Square 15th Floor, SHIBUYA QWS, and other locations in the Tokyo.
Guests: Specialists in the field. TBA

STUDIO Program (Open Call)

The STUDIO Program is a hangout space for dialogue and creation by a group of people with different backgrounds, ages, and life experiences. These next generation of creators, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, students, engineers selected from an open call will work together towards implementing ideas in the real word that update relationships between “you and me” and “me and society.” Beginning from November 2019 they will start this process and aim to present at the exhibition planned during the True Colors Concert held on July 12-13 2020.

Schedule: Meeting once a month between November 2019 to July 2020

Location: Shibuya Scramble Square 15th Floor, SHIBUYA QWS



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