About our accessibility policy

True Colors Festival will take various initiatives and implement ideas to create a festival environment that is open to everyone and easy to attend.

1. “Designated Viewing Area”

At each program we will provide “Designated Viewing Area” for people using wheelchairs, people who are physically limited, people attending with assistance dogs or for families with small children. *“Designated Viewing Area” will differ at each program so please ask the Operating Office about the details.

2. Secure information transfer during programs through sign language, subtitles, voice guide, and translation

For each program, we will ensure that all people can enjoy the program through services such as: sign language translation and subtitle services for people with hearing loss, voice guides for people with visual impairment, and hosting in both Japanese and English with subtitles.

3. Designing a program for the whole family to enjoy

Within the one-year program, we will develop events for the whole family to enjoy. For specific events, we will have spaces to store strollers and provide childcare services so that parent raising children can also participate.

4. Thorough routes to the venue

On the website, we will provide access routes to the venue that are easy for people using wheelchairs or who are visually impaired. We will also provide maps that clearly show the location of multipurpose bathrooms and the “Designated Viewing Area” near the venue.

5. Universally designed promotional material

A specialist in universal design will check the festival posters and fliers. We will produce and present PR material that can be easily accessed by people using a wheelchair or who are visually impaired.

6. Distribution of braille-printed fliers and program notes

Upon request, we will provide braille-printed fliers and program notes. Please contact the Operating Office in advance, as it will take around two weeks for us to prepare.

7. Japanese and English website and reception

We will provide information on the website in both Japanese and English, and our Operating Office reception will operate in both languages via phone or email.

8. Visually impaired user-check for the website

On this website, we have visually impaired users to check for its usability.

9. Following the JIS X 8341-3:2016 accessibility standard

On this website we follow the guidelines under JIS X 8341-3:2016 standard to ensure that a wide group of people can access information. We will continue to make improvements to maintain Level AA accessibility standards.

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