True Colors Festival

Through performing arts programs where artist and audience members can share experiences, True Colors Festival create enjoyable meeting points/spaces between different abilities, gender, age, language, nationalities, in an attempt like no other to realize a comfortable society for everyone. From the summer of 2019 until the July of this year, the festival will develop colourful events for viewing, learning, and participating.

3 features of the True Colors Festival


    Participants will have a chance to interact with each other and the artists to enrich their experience moving beyond a passive member of the audience.


    Our academy, workshop, and volunteer program will provide various opportunities to learn about diversity.


    We will create spaces that are accessible to everyone and events that are enjoyable regardless of one’s ability.

True Colors Attendant

We are looking for people to help us make a space that everyone can enjoy!

The True Colors Festival will create events that are enjoyable to everyone regardless of one’s ability. We are looking for people to help us build accessible environments leading up to the True Colors CONCERT in July 2020.
Become a festival attendant through specialized lectures and practical workshops! We are looking for people who want to gain experience and excel at the True Colors Festival.

True Colors Official LINE Account

This is a platform for the fans of True Color Festival. Not only will you be able to find out about the program, but we will also post special information for families, seniors, and people with disabilities here. Tickets can be reserved in advance and there will be additional features so that you can enjoy the festival even more!

More Detail

About our accessibility policy

True Colors Festival will take various initiatives and implement ideas to create a festival environment that is open to everyone and easy to attend. At each venue we will provide sign language translation and subtitle services for secure transfer of information and will create a comfortable space for people with all backgrounds. Additionally, we will increase the accessibility on our website and announcements so that it is easy to attain information on routes to the venue and to learn about the contents of the program.

Regarding profits made at True Colors Festival

After the festival programs concludes in the summer of 2020, True Colors Festival will use all revenue made from ticket and merchandise sales (excluding commission to consignee)  to produce future cultural and artistic events that advocate diversity and take steps closer to our goal of a society that doesn’t leave anyone behind and supports each other. We will facilitate opportunities for artists that continue to pursue artistic expression despite various challenges in life or that fight prejudice against disabilities, gender, and race through their expression to connect and collaborate.

Ambassadors & Advisory Members


  • IVAN Photo


    IVAN is a fashion model and television personality born in 1984 in Mexico from a half-Japanese and half-Spaniard father and a Mexican mother. She is fluent in Japanese, English, and Spanish. As a male model she was featured in various shows, including Paris Fashion Week. In 2014, IVAN had her big break when she appeared on television show Ariyoshihanseikai. Since then she has been active as a television and radio personality.

  • Hirotada Ototake Photo

    Hirotada Ototake

    Ototake was born in 1976 in Tokyo without arms and legs and grew up using an electric wheelchair. His book Gotaifumanzoku (No One’s Perfect), which was published while he was a student at Waseda University, became a bestseller with more than 6,000,000 copies sold. Recently, he is focussing on a project to walk with advanced prosthetic legs. His other books include – Daijyobu Sankumi and Sharin No Ue published by Kodansha and Otokodoba from Bungeishunjyu.

  • LOVELI Photo


    LOVELI is a fashion model and television personality born on November 27, 1989. She is also an artist that makes photographs and poems inspired by words that come from within. Since June 2018, she has been the Sightseeing Ambassador of the Philippines. She is the chief editor for mail-magazine KILIG, where she has organized numerous events with her fans.

  • RYUCHELL Photo


    Ryuchell is an artist and television personality born on September 29, 1995 in Okinawa. After graduating from high school he decided to move to Harajuku to express his true self. Starting his career as an amateur fashion model, Ryuchell soon became a nation-wide television personality. In 2018, he was named as the “Shibuya Diversity Evangelist” by the mayor of Shibuya City. In April 2019, he released his first album SUPER CANDY BOY, and continues to send his message through various forms of media.

Advisory Members

Julia Olson

(Financial firm employee, Wheelchair user, Actor in theater piece organized by DITA)

Olson was born in Gifu, Japan and grew up in London, Tokyo, and California. At age 19, she faced a traumatic car accident which left her paralyzed from the neck down. After focusing on physical rehabilitation, she showed remarkable recovery. She is now based in Tokyo where she works for a global financial firm and lives with her husband. She hopes that her own experience can help eliminate prejudice against disabilities and advocates for a more inclusive mindset.

Yuji Kato

(Gay-rights Activist, Artist)

Kato was born in 1983 in Tokyo. Between 2010 to 2017, he worked on improving campus life at International Christian University (ICU) as a staff member of the Gender Research Center and coordinated the Mitaka Gender & Sexuality Film Festival in ICU. Since 2006, he has been active under the moniker of Kumaeshi Yu. In 2016, he won the grand prize for END VIOLENCE AGAINST LGBTIQ Poster Exhibition.

Fumino Sugiyama

(Director of New Canvas Inc., Co-Director of Tokyo Rainbow Pride)

Born in 1981 in Tokyo, Sugiyama is transgender and a former member of the Japanese National Women’s Fencing Team. After travelling through 50 nations including the North Pole with a backpack, Sugiyama encountered and learned about each region’s various social issues. He is currently a member of Shibuya City Gender Equality / Diverse Society Promotion Council.

Kenta Hayashi

(Director of Experiencing Art with the Visually Impaired Workshop)

Hayashi was born in 1973 in Tokyo. Since 1995, he has supported people with disabilities as a welfare care worker. In 2012, he founded the Experiencing Art with the Visually Impaired Workshop, and has organized workshops at museums and schools all over Japan, including the Yokohama Art Museum and Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, where the visually impaired and sighted people experience art together through words. In 2017, he started the Kikutabi Project.

Asako Hirokawa

(Chief Director of NPO TA-net, Researcher at Kumagaya Laboratory RCAST The University of Tokyo, Hearing Impaired)

In 2012, Hirokawa founded Theater Accessibility Network. In 2017, she won the New Artist Award from the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Since 2018, she is a researcher in the field of Tojisha Kenkyu at the The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo where she researches on how to support the viewing of theater. She is currently a member of Promotion of Cultural and Artistic Activities for People with Disabilities Council for the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs.


Event Title True Colors Festival
Period September 2019 to July 2020
Location Various location in Tokyo
Presenter The Nippon Foundation
Co-organizer The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS
Special Sponsor TOKYU GROUP, TikTok
Sponsored by Facebook, Twitter Japan Inc.,Yahoo Japan Corporation, CINRA.NET, Time Out Tokyo, SHIBUYA QWS, PIONEER CORPORATION
Closed captions by NHK Global Media Services, Inc.
Supported by Shibuya City, Japan Disability Forum (TBC)

True Colors Festival Management Structure

Senior Exective Director Ichiro Kabasawa (Executive Director of TNF)
Executive Producer Audrey Perera (True Colours Festival 2018 Producer)
Directors Toru Aoki (The Nippon Foundation)
Mariko Mori (The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS)
Kao Kanamori (Loftwork Inc., DRIFTERS INTERNATIONAL)
Yu Shigematsu (Loftwork Inc.)
Associate Director Akane Nakamura (precog co.,LTD., DRIFTERS INTERNATIONAL)
Official Designer Kazunari Hattori

True Colors Festival Operating Office

Management The Nippon Foundation, The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS, Loftwork Inc., Precog co.,LTD. , DRIFTERS INTERNATIONAL
The Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS Chief Director/True Colors Festival Chief Manager: Mariko Mori
Program Director/True Colors Festival Deputy Manager: Takeshi Tamura
Assistant Director: Mei Harata
Loftwork Inc. Senior Project Manager: Chiaki Hayashi
Project Manager: Yu Shigematsu
Creative Director/ True Colors Festival Deputy Manager: Kao Kanamori
Assistant Director: Kei Iwakura
Web Director: Satoko Kitajima
Technical Director: Kaori Onomura
Graphic Director: Satoshi Muro
Assistant Designer: Minako Ito
Movie Director: Yuta Kuronuma
Movie Assistant Director: Shinshin Tai
Academy Director: Yukako Ishikawa
Academy Assistant Director: Maiko Tomita
Producer: Tetsuya Kasiwagi
precog co.,LTD. Director/True Colors Festival Deputy Manager: Akane Nakamura
Senior Project Manager: Kumi Hiraoka
Project Manager: Mai Hyodo
Ticketing Coordinator: Yuka Yatsu
Project Coordinator: Hitomi Sato
Workshop Coordinator: Yuika Kurita
Communications Management Shinko Suzuki, Asumi Kitahori (DRIFTERS INTERNATIONAL)
Natsumi Kato (precog co.,LTD.)
Haruka Murakami, Risa Yamazaki (Soldum inc.)
Attendant Management Akiho Tani, Shoko Miyamoto (syuz’gen, LLC)
Translation Takuro Mizuta
The Nippon Foundation True Colors Team Yasunobu Ishii, Toru Aoki, Mari Tanaka, Eriko Uchiyama, Toru Koike, Ikumi Kawamata, Kimie Warabi

True Colors PR Office

SUNNY SIDE UP,INC. Marimi Yajima, Yuki Sugimoto, Keiko Matsuse, Akihiro Asano, Remi Takara



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Closed captions by

  • NHK Global Media Services, Inc.

Supported by

  • Shibuya City
  • Japan Disability Forum



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